"The Black Hole Triptych" Series

New Devil Street Decks Project – “The Black Hole Triptych”

I am excited to announce the new piece in conjunction with Devil Street Decks titled “The Black Hole Triptych”. After the first round of success with “Bones” in 2014, Devil Street Decks approached me and asked me what kind of ideas I had for another three board series. I had seen triptych (or more) deck

Neverending Sketch

Neverending (This Isn’t Over), 2015, In Progress Shots

You may recall this deck from my Decks gallery. It’s been there since 2015 when I created it, but I posted a lot of in progress shots to Instagram but never really posted it anywhere else. I just posted to Behance with it, so hey, why not share here, too? Here we go. I had