So you want to know about me, Aimee Cozza? I’ll give it to you straight – My works are more often than not created digitally. With limited space to store paintings or drawings, I find it helpful to create as much as I can inside of the digital space, despite the fact that I feel my traditional works often come out stronger. This doesn’t mean I don’t paint, though. I dabble in oil painting, printmaking, acrylic painting, colored pencils… and I very often end up back with my ole trustworthy croquil pen and ink on Bristol or sketchbook. I have also done limited airbrushing and tattooing. Find me a new medium and I will definitely give it a shot!

Using my computer and a Wacom tablet, I like to create worlds as I see in my head. Many times, I end up bordering on sci-fi or fantasy, given my penchant for science as well as science fiction. My subjects most normally are space, spacemen, extraterrestrial worlds, androids, fantastical beings or creatures, and dark subjects. I tend to lean more towards dark, strange, or downright weird concepts and stories; I am inexplicably drawn towards depictions of dark-beautiful romance – the kind you know doesn’t end well.

No image I create doesn’t have a story to back it. The thing is – I don’t like telling the story. I prefer people make their own connections, no matter how deep they may be, and create their own story that describes what is happening in my illustration. Sometimes these ideas can differ greatly from what I’ve created, but I don’t mind it, and I don’t dare correct any of those stories. I look to elicit emotional response with my works, as most artists do, and I am happy to see what develops after my work is completed and viewed.

In addition to drawing and writing, I also enjoy many kinds of music, dabble on guitar and bass, and enjoy collecting bugs as well as other strange and abnormal oddities. I like cars and animals, and dislike coffee and chocolate flavored iced cream.

Along with illustration, Aimee Cozza also works in the field of graphic design, web design, and marketing design. She also has created and helped produce many self-published titles such as Aftermath (One Shot Comic), Friends, Foes, & Lovers (Collaboration Image Book), Don’t Know Jack (Comic), A Way to the Stars (Graphic Novel). Aimee is also an aspiring writer, with a three-part book series in the works.

Aimee often works with other artists to collaborate group projects, such as the annual Artist’s Series Collaboration Calendar. In addition to collaboration projects, Aimee has worked on community outreach projects, such as working with the Eagle Eyes in Manchester, NH as well as others for outreach murals and beautification projects.

Aimee can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter. Aimee has prints and products for sale through Storenvy, RedBubble, DeviantART, and Society6. Aimee is also available for projects and commission, just send her an email.

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