The Hunter, 2015, Process Gif

January 25, 2016
Hunted Animation

Here’s an interesting one for you. This is more of a practice piece than anything, not really anything portfolio worthy. I started this piece just doodling on my tablet last year and liked how my gestural drawing came out, so I just tried to extrapolate from there. I liked the angle of it and the story behind it, so I worked it a little bit until I liked it — as a practice piece, anyway.
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Our Names in Lights, 2015, Process Gif

January 18, 2016
Our Names in Lights Animation

Remember what I was saying about the process gifs? Sometimes at the end of a project I end up with a bunch of screenshots of the piece as it is in progress. It’s neat to flip back and forth like a flipbook and see what changed and what didn’t. I love seeing other artists and their process, so I’m going to keep making these and posting them.
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I Remember, 2014, Process Gif

January 11, 2016
I Remember Process Gif

So I’m trying to make sure I update my website more often and add things to the blog here, things that I think my visitors will find interesting. I know I like seeing both timelapse videos and process images. Often times I make process images (or process gifs) so you can see how things were moved along, but I don’t very often post them. I’m trying to rectify this!
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