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Fisher (Serenity) Art & Track Available Now

October 24, 2019
An astronaut sitting on a section of land looking into a swath of colorful planets and landmasses in the distance. There is a landmass in the center with bright yellow glowing crystals

Excited to announce this new piece of artwork in conjunction with the track it was commissioned for! Take a look at “Serenity” which was commissioned by DentedAphid7 for their track “Fisher (Serenity)” which is out on SoundCloud now.

Check out DentedAphid7 on SoundCloud, Twitter, Spotify, and their website.

New Devil Street Decks Project – “The Black Hole Triptych”

December 9, 2016
"The Black Hole Triptych" Series

I am excited to announce the new piece in conjunction with Devil Street Decks titled “The Black Hole Triptych”. After the first round of success with “Bones” in 2014, Devil Street Decks approached me and asked me what kind of ideas I had for another three board series.
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