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“Totality” Eclipse Art, Collaboration, Feature, Interview, & In Progress

A quick update of some things! Not anything huge to write up a whole blog post about, but I wanted to share some small things with my readers, friends, and fans.

I wanted to participate in the NASA Eclipse Art Quilt project, so I created this piece, titled “Totality”.

Totality, 2017
Totality, 2017

Friend Matt Smigiel and I made a throwback collaboration work which is a fanart of Spawn fighting the Violator. It was fun! I drew Spawn, Matt Smigiel drew Violator, then we switched and colored each other’s works. We griped about character designs we once thought were “cool” and “edgy” but had a lot of fun regardless.

I had a brief shoutout on The Concord Monitor for my work “Decomposition” when it was up at the McGowan Fine Art Gallery for Love, Lust & Desire this year. You can check that out by clicking here.

I also completed an interview with Les Femmes Folles a Women in Art Tumblr blog. This was a lot of fun! Check it out below:

So, what’s next? I’ll probably be plugging away at my work for the Artist Series Calendar in between other small paintings and projects. Here’s how far I’ve gotten to date on my calendar piece:

I’ve got some ideas for textures and colors that I’ll be exploring in this piece. Wish me luck!