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Holiday Cards Throughout the Years

If you follow me on social media, you probably know that I not only post my holiday greeting cards online, I also mail them out. I’ve been doing this for years — creating one of a kind unique illustrative holiday cards and mailing them out to friends and family, as well as sharing online. I’d love to share some of the holiday cards I’ve created!

Not all of the ones I created made it to “card” form. Some of them were just holiday sentiments sent out online — usually the ones before 2012.


Commercial & Personal Holiday Greeting Cards, 2017
Commercial & Personal Holiday Greeting Cards, 2017

I created a holiday greeting card both for personal use and for my new workplace, hasOptimization.


2016 Holiday Cardinal Card

A cardinal graphic that I sent out to friends and family members. I went more “sketchy” with that particular style.


2015 Cute Beagle Dog Card

My dog(s) often make an appearance on my cards. Dexter showed up on this one, and I hand-painted each bell and light on his antlers with gold paint.


Astronaut Holiday Card 2014

Since everything was astronauts and space for a bit, I thought I’d roll that into my holiday card as well.


2013 Snowflake Holiday Card

A basic but modern greeting of “happy holidays” with various paper cutout snowflakes. Simple and effective!


2012 Gingerbread Holiday Card

This card style was actually printed to benefit CASA in 2012. I ended up buying a bunch and sending them out!


2011 Cute Basset Hound Holiday Card

My dog Charlie makes a showing on this card with a modern twist. I just utilized basic shapes and some pattern textures on this one.

Prior to 2010

Every year I’ve sent out some sort of holiday sentiment, be it oekaki or otherwise, before social media was very prevalent. These designs didn’t get printed, but they are some holiday greetings I sent out.

Holiday Greetings