Process Gif

I Remember, 2014, Process Gif

So I’m trying to make sure I update my website more often and add things to the blog here, things that I think my visitors will find interesting. I know I like seeing both timelapse videos and process images. Often times I make process images (or process gifs) so you can see how things were moved along, but I don’t very often post them. I’m trying to rectify this!

A process image would be stills of an image as it’s being worked on. In this case, a process gif would be all of those stills laid over one another so you can see the steps, kind of like a flip book.

You may recall this work titled “I Remember” I completed in late 2014.

I Remember
I Remember, 2014

It’s one of my favorites (still, surprisingly) and I just found a process gif I made of it. Enjoy!

I Remember Process Gif