Speedpaint, Timelapse, Video

New Video: Timelapse “December”

Here’s an interesting piece I was working on. It was more of a “speedpaint” than a timelapse, as I didn’t intend to put much time into the actual work. I had a specific idea in mind and specific style I wanted to try out, and I had sketched out a quick thought before I brought it in to photoshop. I thought to myself — I haven’t recorded myself drawing in a while, why don’t I do that? So I created a timelapse to share on social media.

This is a 20 times timelapse, meaning the original artwork took roughly two hours to complete.

The difference between timelapse and speedpaint
A timelapse and a speedpaint can be one in the same (this is a timelapsed video of a speedpaint). A speedpaint is essentially when an artist creates a work very quickly, or within a set parameter of time. I did not time myself for this work, nor did I limit the amount of time spent on it. I just figured it was more basic than some of my more elaborate digital works, so it wouldn’t take much time for me to complete.

You can view more of my older timelapse videos on YouTube.