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New Video: Timelapse “Untitled”

Here’s an interesting timelapse video. More often than not, I sketch out my works¬†before¬†heading into photoshop to work on them. I’ll sketch them in a sketchbook or on a scrap piece of paper, then scan them in, then modify, work under, or work over the sketch. In this video, I actually made the sketch and composition digitally. You can see my thought process as I start to narrow down my sketch and crop it into just a portrait.

I had a general idea in my head about something I wanted to draw, but this piece in particular wasn’t something I really “saw” in my head. It was more of a practice piece and just something I noodled out that didn’t have a whole lot of deep concept to it.

Anyway, you can see how I gather up my palette and decide on colors, and how sometimes I like to create pieces in a monochromatic scale first, then add color after to make sure my contrast is decent. In this video, I also utilized an albino-type skin tone, which is a defining characteristic in my often seen character Azra.

You can view more of my older timelapse videos on YouTube.