Process Gif

Our Names in Lights, 2015, Process Gif

Remember what I was saying about the process gifs? Sometimes at the end of a project I end up with a bunch of screenshots of the piece as it is in progress. It’s neat to flip back and forth like a flipbook and see what changed and what didn’t. I love seeing other artists and their process, so I’m going to keep making these and posting them.

Here’s one of my work “Our Names in Lights” I finished last year. It was a re-do of an older work called “Letting the Cables Sleep” but it’s got a little bit of a different feel to it. I love the idea of simulating long exposure photography in my works. I do it often as I love how such little light can be extrapolated into a whole mood. Sometimes I research some light long exposure photography on my own — I’ll take my old digital camera to an overpass and take some brief photos so I can understand how light can/can’t work when it comes to a long exposure shot. What you end up with is moody darks and bright, oversaturated light sources.

Our Names in Lights, 2015
Our Names in Lights, 2015

Our Names in Lights Animation