Project Type: Ghosts

This project is a bit near and dear to my heart. In a way, it sort of formed itself through stylistic choices, repetition of backgrounds and textural elements, and the movement of the character through the images.

Essentially I wanted to give an almost tangible weight to a memory, described in two ways — thick, bold, angry, precise, heavy, and never faltering. And then light, airy, fleeting — like catching the scent of something that reminds you of days past. Since I had cultivated my good versus my bad, I also wanted to create a piece or two where the line is not so clear as to whether this memory, this episode, is a traumatic piece of pain or a searing reminder of happiness lost. What is happening in the actual piece is different from what is remembered in this glowing memory — good or bad — and is delivered a lot like a day dream may be. There is a disconnect, but not. The character lives on forever haunting past traumas and hopeful dreams of better days, so much so that he disappears from the present.

This project is seemingly on going. There are other images that fit within this project theme, but may not fall within the stylistic choices of some of the set. Images will continue to be uploaded as they are completed.


September 25, 2018
An illustration of a nude man holding a large sword (a "zweihander") in his hands. The sword is mostly wrapped with cloth except for a small section near the hilt that is glowing blue. The man's eyes, which are partially open, are also glowing blue. There is a golden sunset or sunrise filtering through the trunks of leaf-less trees in the background.
(Warm Colors)