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Pride 2017

Those of you who follow me or know me personally know I’m a LGBT+ ally. How could I not be with my bisexual vampire OC Azra and his gay brutish boyfriend Falco? I wanted to participate in DeviantART’s Pride flag project this year, which means you select a color and then draw based on that color and theme. What do you know? I chose green, which was nature, which is actually where those beastie OCs are from!

Here’s what I made:

Flecks, 2017

(And the non-green version):

Flecks, Non-green, 2017

Edit: I made a second one — more cute, less scary!

Stars, 2017

But I also wanted to share more about these two and their journey in celebration of Pride by curating pictures of them detailing their relationship, the trials and tribulations of them, and what they’re like.

Brothers in Arms, 2017, In Progress Pics

Photograph, 2017, In Progress Pics

“Ghosts, Convolution & Undeniability”, 2016 In Progress Shots

Ungezähmt, 2016, In Progress Shots

Bisecting, 2016, In Progress Shots

In Progress Comic Book Cover, 2016

Love is love. Happy Pride!