Macabre Art Book

Thanks for your interest in collaborating with me and countless other artists to put together a one-of-a-kind macabre, dark, and surreal art book! Here’s some things you should know:

What it is

The Dark, Strange, & Unusual Compendium (Title Pending) will be a printed compendium of just that – macabre, dark, strange, unusual, and unsettling works by artists all across the globe with varying media. We expect the compendium to be between 30 and 100 pages, and to be printed in full color, delivered by a Print-On-Demand system.

Submission Due Date: Dec. 31st, 2019

We will have a final due date/collection date of December 31st, 2019 to ensure artists the maximum time if they would like to create new works.

What works are allowed?

We can accept up to 3 submissions per artist. You do not need to provide us with your high resolution images at this time. We will be contacting all approved submitters for high resolution files.

OK to submit:
• Nudes/tasteful nudes
• Blood, guts, etc within reason
• Surreal and unsettling images

What works are not allowed?

Please do not submit any works that are or can be construed as the following:
• Photographs of animal cruelty
• Underage or child pornography
• Straight pornography
• Fanart of any kind, or images/depictions of IPs (intellectual property)/characters not belonging to you
• Artwork created by anyone other than you

What about new works or old works?

We are accepting of submissions of all types and all ages, including previously published works, as long as you have the ability to grant us publishing and print rights as well. We will be judging on quality over quantity, so please make sure to submit your best works. If you want to create an all new work for this Compendium, you are welcome to do so!

Will I get paid?

It is important to note that this is the first ever type of this Compendium, so we are unsure of the results. To start, however, all artists are expected to be submitting to the Compendium for fun, and for fun only. We do not promise or warrant any sort of payment, exposure, or otherwise. Once the submission dates are completed, and we have a better idea of how the artwork will be handled, we will be able to make a more informed decision over whether or not any payment can be arranged for submitting artists.

How to submit

If you are interested in submitting, please follow this link to visit the Google Form. You will need some sort of Google account to fill it out (sorry, it’s a limitation with the system).