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Squadmates, 2017, In Progress Pics

I’ve been traveling down the ol’ history hole lately with these drawings of characters in various World War II attire. It’s no secret that both original characters Azra and Falco spent time serving in the military during World War II, and in fact, Azra had been wounded during battle which then started his downward spiral with drug addiction. Ah, the lives of our characters and their backstories.

Brothers in Arms, 2017, In Progress Pics

Anyway, I drew Falco and Azra in their formal military attire above as they would have been photographed, but I also wanted to draw Azra in blood battered fatigues, because adding textures to things is just so much fun. Definitely one of my favorite things to do digitally is to add yuck textures like blood, smears, dirt, etc. I find it makes digital images so much more convincing, and I can barely get through my blending and “chore”-like digital work to get to the texture bits. Between that and putting white highlights (“the soul”) in the eyes, definitely up in my favorites.

I wanted to draw character Sergeant Martin Esco, who¬†first appeared briefly in a short backstory detailing the circumstances and what happened after that turned Azra into a forever drug addiction battling personality. I ended up working on his character a bit more, since Azra did ponder about what happened to him after the war — Sergeant Esco was one of the only other non-humans, which is what bonded Azra and Esco the most.

I did some character doodles of him first, so killing two birds with one stone would be the best option. Pairing up my fatigues Azra with Esco was a perfect idea. I decided I wanted an old vintage black and white feel, so I got some great tonal practice, too.

Sergeant Esco Side Profile Doodle

Sergeant Esco Color Doodle

Squadmates Digital Sketch

Squadmates Basic Shades

The biggest issue I had was trying to figure out the uniforms. There’s a bunch of military type uniforms and different areas of the military utilized other forms. Since Azra and Esco were part of the 101st Airborne Division, I had to figure out what they wore. I ended up watching a bunch of Band of Brothers which follows the 101st Airborne Division and doing sketches, which meant redoing a lot of things I had already laid down early on, but it was okay, because it made it that much more convincing.

The final result:

Squadmates, 2017