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My Yearly Tradition of a Portrait

January 10, 2019
A portrait of a handsome young man smoking a cigarette. He is playing with a diamond earring in his ear and wearing a fur collar. He has dog tags around his neck

Every year I draw a portrait of my OC Azra.

I mean I draw him a lot anyway, but I make a point of drawing him as the first drawing of the new year. A few reasons for this. My first being is his birthday is January 1st! I conceived of this fella on December 31st, 2001 into January 1st, 2002 while I was on the phone with a friend while babysitting. Yup. He is 18 years old this year! What a guy what a guy.

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Low, 2018, In Progress Pics

July 30, 2018
An illustration of a man's torso. The image begins at his chin but ends at his hips. He is nude. In his battered, dirty, and bloodied hands, he is holding a bouquet of stringy, brambly wild chamomile flowers with white petals. The stems of the flowers have red blood on them.

Lo (lol) and behold! A new piece of art!

I don’t really know where to start on this one. It kind of came about when I was doodling up a bunch of ideas I had. Sometimes I’ll jot them all down into their own individual files and then pick at them one by one, or sometimes I’ll pick at a bunch of them all at the same time. Sometimes they’ll get entirely forgotten, or I just won’t be into the idea enough to get cracking on it. Continue reading Low, 2018, In Progress Pics