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Siren, 2018, In Progress Pics – MerMay!

May 9, 2018
A pale pinkish wet slick-looking male fish creature sits half in and half out of dark, murky water. The fish-man is looking up to the viewer with all black eyes as if he is helpless or needs help. He appears to be loosely covered in seaweed, but looks to have a long body and tail though much of it is hidden under the dark water, attempting to lure the viewer to assist him.

Most of the time, I am too busy (or too lazy, really your preferable choice of words here!) to participate in a lot of the artist “events” that happen over social media. The past couple of years I’ve been trying to take more of an active interest in trending artist topics as a way of showcasing my artwork to new people. The past few years I’ve done inktober and made at least one picture for MerMay. I also participated in #ArtvsArtist the past couple of times it came around. Look at me go!

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